Low Budget DSLR Rig With Follow Focus – $500

by carolinevfx posted November 27, 2011 category Tutorial

This setup is the setup i’ve been using, a cross between a jag35 runner bundle and a cowboy shoulder rig. Here are all the individual components:

The total cost is $540. I’ve used this setup to shoot “Say I can with iKan” and it’s actually quite similar to one of iKan’s own setups RECOIL-XT!



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  1. I’ll be adding some more photographs of the individual components soon.

    • would love to see more pictures! want to poke at you for the $$ though considering the recoil xt cost! πŸ™‚ your interview is going up soon, btw

  2. Good work Pires, probably too late to put on my Xmas list… so I’ll just have to treat myself.

  3. Thanks Caroline! I own the Cowboy shoulder rig and was trying to find the best bang for the buck to compliment it. There are several other reviews on the internet that build upon the Cowboy rig and yours is the best! Thank You!

  4. When your Jag35 components were shipped to the UK, did you have to pay any import tax on them?
    I think your rig setup is great and I’m planning to make one of my own.

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